Nexus Games announces new games and expansions

Nexus Games have announced several new games as well as an expansion to their Age of Conan game.

From their announcement:

NG International, the Italian games publisher operating the Nexus Games and Tenki Games brands, attends the 61th Spielwarenmesse International Toy Far 2009 (February 5-9, Nuremberg, Germany) at Hall 7, booth F-56 presenting its new games coming in 2010.

Besides the long awaited Battles of Napoleon – the Eagle and the Lion board game, NG International will release three new games this year: Magestorm, Letters from Whitechapel and Dakota. NG is also working on new projects: the first expansions for Age of Conan – The Strategy Board Game and Micro Mutants, and many new releases for the Wings of War game series.

Adventures in Hyboria, the first expansion for Age of Conan, will expand the game with new rules, characters and adventures as well with enhancements for Conan figure, who assumes a more active role in the game with two different profiles: Conan the Thief and Conan the Adventurer. In addition, faithful to the Conan stories, the extremely changeable character of Conan will be introduced in the game with a new game mechanic: the mood wheel.

The expansion of Micro Mutants will bring two new armies to the game: Samuracnids vs Xenomantides. Micro Mutants is inspired by the classic tiddlywinks game mechanics, boosted by funny armies of bugs with different peculiarities and special powers. The first game set, Micro Mutants Evolution was released two in 2008 and is a complete board game with four armies.

Wings of War, the game series which recreate aerial combat in the XX century, will continue to grow in 2010, with new releases covering both the first and second World War series, as well as new miniatures.

For the WWI period, the publishing schedule for the first half of the year includes the boxed set Flight of Giants, introducing early bombers, and two booster packs (Hit and Run and Crossfire), while the WW1 miniatures line will be expanded by the Balloon Busters set, the 4th and 5th Airplane Packs series, a series of Bombers and a revised Deluxe Edition with four exclusive models and everything needed to start to play.

The new releases for WW2 include the boxed set Rain of Destruction and four Squadron Packs (The Last Biplanes and Revolution in the Skies, releasing in the spring, and Winds of Fire and Ground Attack, scheduled for the end of 2010). The WW2 miniatures line will be expanded by the release of the 2nd and 3rd series of Airplane Packs, as well a series of Bombers.

Upcoming new games

Magestorm, created by Piero Cioni, is a new fantasy board game series. Mighty armies will clash on the field of battle, while, at the same time, powerful magicians wielding god-like powers will call storms of fire from the sky, move hills, raze woods, invoke fear into the hearts of hundreds of enemies,. The victory can only be achieved by the perfect combination of magic-using and military skill.

The game is set in a world with two continents, one of them populated by multiple breeds of humans and the other by creatures like elves, dwarfs and other mythical creatures. A big cataclysm in the human continent forces the humans to start migrating to the other continent to colonize it, starting a big clash with the original people living there. The first boxed set is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2010 and features two armies – the human Kragis (a former mercenary army with late-medieval armors and weaponry) and the elves Láusjan (a wild and very warlike people, quite unlike the more traditional Tolkienian breed of elves) and four mages (the Fire Mage, the Air Mage, the Druid and the Fate Guardian).

Letters from Whitechapel is a crime and investigation game, created by the same game designers of Garibaldi and Mister X- Flight Through Europe. It replicates the Jack The Ripper’s murders and the desperate attempts by Scotland Yard to stop his bloody killings. Night after night, the player who controls Jack commits a new murder and try to reach his hideout, while the other players, in the role of detectives, try to track him down, collecting clues that can lead to his capture. Letters from Whitechapel is a tense game with a accurate historical setting and very intense artwork and graphics.

Inspired by the conquest of the West, Dakota is a game with linear mechanics but with a great attention to the thematic element. Players will take the control of a group of settlers or a tribe of natives. Each player will cooperate and compete with all other players to increase the status of his own faction, competing for natural resources which will have different values for settlers and natives. The settlers will try to exploit the territory in order to make it productive for industry and agriculture while the natives must make all efforts to keep the territory virgin as long as possible, while at the same time using its resources for the sustainance and prosperity of their own tribe. An innovative mechanic allows to play in a balanced way even with a different number of settlers and native players. Dakota will be the first game published by NG International using the “Tenki Games” brand.

Visit NG International at Spielwarenmesse 2009: Hall 7, Booth F-56, inside Italeri’s area.