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Nexus announced 2011 game releases

Nexus Games have announced details of some of their planned releases for 2011. From their announcement:
NG International, the Italian games publisher operating the Nexus Games and Tenki Games brands, attends the 62th Spielwarenmesse International Toy Far 2010 (February 3-8, Nuremberg, Germany) presenting its new games coming in 2011, including new titles, expansions, the new edition of the best seller and award-winning War of the Ring strategy board game, and the next releases at Wings of War series. The three games shipping now, Dakota, Magestorm and Letters from Whitechapel will also be on show at the NG International booth, inside Italeri’s area at Hall 7, booth F-56. The most awaited announcement is the new edition of the War of the Ring board game. Published on 2004 in 8 languages, the game was reprinted in the past years and now it’s sold out. To bring the game to the market again, NG International is working on a revised edition which will include some features from the special and limited War of the Rings Collector’s Edition, adapted to the standard game – an improved perfect-bound 48 pages rulebook, a new board with new graphics (70 x 100 cm in size) and large, tarot-sized cards. This revised edition will be available in September, 2011.
For the younger players, NG International will release Micro Monsters, a "junior" version of the funny game Micro Mutants, inspired by the classic tiddlywinks game. In a pocket solar system at the center of the galaxy, microscopic rocks orbit a tiny sun. Unobserved by other intelligent life forms, these crazy creatures clash on Nexus, the perfect playground planet – the challenge is to close the dimensional gate the rival monsters come from, in an exciting contest, based on strategy and dexterity. With simple rules and fun to play, Micro Monsters will feature four armies of alien micro-monsters - Autogators, Bigbears, Finbacks and Turboturtles – and is schedule to be released in June, 2011. Wings of War, the game series which recreate aerial combat in the XX century, will continue to grow in 2011. The next releases include the Bombers’ miniature series, both in first and second World War lines, and also two new Airplane Packs series – the 5th in the case of WW1 and the 3rd of WW2. The novelties for the Second War period include also the boxed set Rain of Destruction and the Squadron Packs Winds of Fire and Ground Attack. NG International will also release this year the first expansion for Magestorm, a new board game series of fantasy battles fought under the shadow of the magic. In Magestorm, while mighty armies clash, powerful mages with godlike powers unleash the forces of magic on the battlefield, helping their mortal allies whereas pursuing their own mysterious goals. The core game, which releases in February 2011, introduces four mages (Firemage, Airmage, Druid and Fate Guardian) and two armies (the human Kragis or the elf-like Láusjan). The first expansion, Falling Shadows, will add to the game two new, powerful mages: the Water Mage, wielding the healing power of this life-giving element, and the Dark Mage, drawing his power from the realms of frost and shadow. Fallen Shadow is scheduled to be available in summer, 2011. Another awaited title arriving on February that will be on show at the Nexus Games’ booth is Letters from Whitechapel, a crime and investigation game inspired by Jack The Ripper’s murders and the desperate attempts by Scotland Yard to stop his bloody killings. Created by the same game designers of Garibaldi and Mister X- Flutch durch Europa, Letters from Whitechapel is a tense game with an accurate historical setting and very intense artwork and graphics. The other new game just arrived in the European market and coming to the North America in February is Dakota, inspired by the conquest of the West. Players will take the control of a group of settlers or a tribe of natives, cooperating and competing with all other players to increase the status of his own faction, contending for natural resources which will have different values for settlers and natives. Dakota is a game with linear mechanics, great attention to the theme and an innovative mechanic that allows playing in a balanced way even with a different number of settlers and native players. Besides all these games, NG International continues to develop new projects, including the second title of its Nexus Designers’ Series, Aztlan, a bluffing and challenging game from Leo Colovini. In the mythical Aztlan, ancestral home of the Nahuatl people, rival god-kings engaged in a struggle to rule the mightiest empire and the highest civilization. This new Euro-style game for 3 to 4 players develops during five different epochs, where each player tries to conquer the largest realm, using an intriguing highly interactive mechanic based on majorities and card playing. The work is in progress and Aztlan is scheduled to be released at Essen 2011. More information about the games on Nexus Games’ website – At Spielwarenmesse 2011, visit NG International in the Hall 7, Booth F-56, inside Italeri’s area.