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Next Marvel Universe Preview Posted

Hendybadger has weaseled his way into finding more about the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game coming out soon from Knight Models. Thankfully, he's not keeping the info to himself and is, instead, sharing it with the rest of us. This time around we get a look at the different factions and how team-building works.

Characters in Marvel are like players on a sports team. While they may be known for being on one team in-particular, they might end up on others at some point during their career. As such, characters in the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game (MUMG for short) come with one or more Faction markers. They are Superhuman, Mutant, and Cosmic. They also all come with an alignment: Hero, Villain, or Neutral. Characters also have a Level number. This is, in effect, their points cost. Generally, games will consist of squads built to 30-50 points (depending on the scenario). When building your team, you must stay within that Level cost. Also, characters must share the same Faction and Alignment (though Neutral heroes can work with either Heroes or Villains).

Another limiter in team building is that characters who share the same name can't be on the same squad. So if you've got Ironman Mk7 and Ironman Mk44, you can't use them both at the same time, because they're both "Tony Stark." But if you have Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales), those two would be ok to use together.

That's it for this time. Next time around it looks like we'll get a look at some actual stat cards.