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Next Bushido faction announced as well as a new Kitsune model

GCT Studios not only has a new concept art preview for a new Temple model, but they've got silhouettes of the first minis of a whole new faction to show off! The new faction's the Tengu Descension. GCT's having a poll for which silhouette gets their full art previewed first.


From the announcement:


Worth Waiting For!!

We pride ourselves on offering our gamers a release every two months and sad events outside of our control prevented this briefly. Now though we are back in a good place with our reliable service resumed. As way of a thank you to you all for your patience during this period we have brought forward news on our next faction...
Tengu Descension

Which would you like to see revealed first? Vote in the Poll here on the website or over on our Facebook page, vote on both to double your say.