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News Snippets

We've got a bunch more news snippets for you.
There's some new miniatures from a new game company, Corvus Corax Miniatures. We've got new WWI terrain tile bases from Amera. Kromlech has some new wallpapers for your computer. Troll Forged shows off the test print for their Dreadnaught (he's a biggie). All that and more in this new batch.

Corvus Corax Miniatures previews new Mutated minis, plan Kickstarter campaign

Corvus Corax Miniatures is a new miniature and, eventually, skirmish game project, and will hopefully soon launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to see some of the miniatures to the market.

Marrow Production posts new production photos

Last week we went to the factory to check on some miniatures final QC, so it is time for another update to show you guys the Kei Lun and the 3 Demon Lords!

New WWI Battlefield Terrain Tiles from Amera

Just made it for Christmas, last release of the year

ComboClassClash, fantasy/strategy Card Game on Kickstarter


Play and triumph over your opponent in this unique Card Game with Extraordinary New Gameplay Idea! Battle with 2 decks, red and blue.

Manorhouse Workshop Update #10 – Underground Project

Hi everyone.
Just a few days at Christmas. We are in the period of gifts. So we want to give previews of our new project “Undergound”. They are the first sections 10×10 cm. of the “sewer” and “underground”.
As you can see from the images of the walls have dynamic sections that can be removed and replaced as best you want.
We will create many other, to provide valid solutions for use in a dungeon that respects.How secret passages, doors, sections in different materials such as wood, stone, metal …
The new year will see us engaged in the realization of this project abbizioso. But, not only in this.

Stay tuned. Lorenzo

My Dog Ate my KS Funds (Part 1 of 10)


Join veteran caster and mold maker Johnny Lauck (a.k.a. JohnnyBorg) as he explores all the fubar with crowdfunding projects in a 10 article series.

While your enjoying or hating his biased articles, you may also want to read his monthly progress report on the upcoming Dungeon Décor Series II. Scheduled for release in the spring of 2015 and hopefully coming to a table top game near you.

New Concept Art for Wild West Exodus


Yes, the Dark Nation have giant bears with guns and claws. 3-1-2015. Be there !!!

Kromlech Free Wallpapers


we have a little gift for you all.
A set of five free wallpapers at 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 resolution.
Here you can download a zipped file

Troll Forged Miniatures Test-Prints Dreadnaught

A test print of the dreadnought.