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News Snippets

Hey there again, dear TGN Readers.
We've got another batch of News Snippets for you.
By the way, we've fixed the issue with galleries. So photos will be showing up where they should be (hopefully, anyway, unless something else goes wacky between writing this and when you read it).

-Zinge Industries Previews Heat-Bendible I Beams
-New Mutant Monsters from Zinge Industries
-Vampire Hunters previews Svetlana render
-Shieldwolf's 4th army has appeared for the upcoming Kickstarter
-Alien Dungeon releases Land Ironclad for All Quiet on the Martian Front
-'Branch Face' free scenario for USEME from
-Spellcrow previews Halfing with Sling green

Zinge Industries Previews Heat-Bendible I Beams

Heat Bendable I beams coming soonish

New Mutant Monsters from Zinge Industries

Vomiting and nausea

Zinge Industries release the very festive Vomiting and Nausea.
Sculpted by Ben Hogan and finely Cast by the Zinge Team.
Zinge is aware that the 12 days of Christmas come after the big day but due to a mix up last year the tradition has stuck.

Vampire Hunters previews Svetlana render


Shieldwolf's 4th army has appeared for the upcoming Kickstarter


"...In times of darkness and despair, some races perish and others -somehow- survive. The Race of Humans was one of these. Although they were numerous, they lacked physical strength and were often picked on like the weaklings they were. Ogres did as they pleased with them, Orcs often raided and plundered their villages in the south while the Barbaric tribes pillaged their small towns up north. The neighboring Elves were the only ones who didn't bother them nor were they willing however to assist them.
The Humans saw their lives dominated by fear and their numbers kept dangerously thinning. As times went by, they inevitably realized they stood better chances through unity. That was a hard step for Humans are very hard to overcome their personal weaknesses, and have more often than any other Race challenged reasonable thinking due to their arrogance and pride. Their will to survive however overcame all vanity and personal ambitions, creating overcrowded centers which later formed huge cities.
The Humans were lucky enough to have strong and wise leaders who created the Law, took taxes and used them to build huge fortifications and outposts, while for the first time regular patrols guarded their borders and exterminated the numerous thieving warbands that had long ravaged their lands.The Kingdom of Talliareum had been formed and with it the Race of Humans survived..."

Alien Dungeon releases Land Ironclad for All Quiet on the Martian Front

Land Ironclad

The Land Ironclad - A testament to human ingenuity (hailed as the 8th wonder of the world by some), these towering vessels were first built in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard of Virginia. Little is still known publicly of its exact capabilities and armaments, but it is known that 3 of these giants encountered a raiding force of a dozen Tripods in western Tennessee during land trials. Not only did they survive the Tripods opening salvo of Heat Rays blasts due to their dense asbestos shielding, they quickly decimated 4 of the Tripods, forcing the other 8 to retreat in front of this new and unknown human threat.

'Branch Face' free scenario for USEME from

Branch Face

Branch Face - A scenario for two players or solo play. Out of the frying pan and into the...forest. A diminished group of Malamute Mercenaries find themselves inside the AH Station in a lobby filled with trees...trees that have teeth and will bite back!

Our second free scenario for USEME 15mm Sci-fi this festive season.

You can download this one and the last one by clicking through on the link.

Spellcrow previews Halfing with Sling green

Halfling with Sling

Hi. Again we have a busy week. In previous news I showed you components for goblins. In this news I want to show you halfling with a sling. So, what this halfling should have in the left hand? If you want idea, we will be very grateful.