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News item tags

While doing a few cosmetic changes on the site today I added a display of the tags that each news item has had added to it to help describe the post. I have actually been tagging news items for about two months now to make sure that the feature was relevant when it was enabled and so you can now find tags for things like 15mm, Rebel Minis, Incursion and a whole range of things. Want to find all the posts about bases in the last two month? Its not too difficult now. How about head swaps or conversion bits? You can also view multiple tags at the same time so if you wanted to see anything tagged with 15mm OR fantasy just use this: Sadly you can't do inclusive listing of tags so at the moment you can't look for 15mm AND fantasy. As an added bonus, the tag pages have their own RSS feed so if you really only want to read news about Napoleonics figures and 6mm releases then you can view the tag page and use the RSS feed for the page to keep up to date on news items with those two tags.