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News from PP live stream

We're going to be updating this as the event happens...

Here we go:

Looks like we're getting a new Level 7 game. Level 7 Omega Protocol. A semi-cooperative game where heroes are sent in to take out an alien menace.

Different types of heroes that each have different types of abilities. Commandos have different equipment they can load out with in order to customize to the different scenarios.

Next: Warmachine/Hordes organized play...

Updates for Journeyman League.
New prizes for Iron Arena events.

New Steamroller 2013 meant to be made for the really competitive player. Streamlining of events to make them run faster/better.

New tourney level: Iron Guantlet.
They've got new qualifying events, the finals not happening until Lock and Load 2014.
Lists don't have to be from the same faction.
Each player has their own reserves deck, instead of a communal deck in order to fine-tune the experience for each faction.

New product announcement:
Warmachine High Command, a new deck-building game (coming Fall 2013).
Meant to represent armies-versus-armies over large areas of Western Immoren.
Start out with a choice of certain warcasters/warlocks from your faction, each representing distinct ways that the deck builds.

New Warmachine Faction:
Convergence of Cyriss announced.
Meant to be a faction of almost exclusively warjacks and other types of robots.
Style taken from the Art Deco movement.
New light warjack that can repair other warjacks.
Built around versatility, able to swap weapons to fulfill whatever need may be presented.
Warcasters have battlegroup-wide abilities from giving them all arc nodes to shield guard.
Warjack Mat/Rat based off of Warcaster's Mat/Rat.
Focus can "trickle down" from one warjack to another as it's spent.

Ok, that's it for the video presentation. Now on to the Q&A...

Q1. How much playtesting was there?
A1. They lasted 2 playtest run-throughs in order to keep them balanced, yet make them feel very unique from the other factions.

Q2. High Command distribution model?
A2. Fully playable out of the box. Hordes and Warmachine each get a box game. Further releases may or may not be core releases. Stand-alone, non-randomized.

Q3. When do Minions get a Pork-node?
A3. Maybe next year...

Q4. convergence? Plastic or metal?
A4. mostly plastic, metal warcasters and some other things.

Ok, questions are coming too fast to type out right away. Will hit things as I can.

What will come out with Convergence and what will come later?
They will have warcasters, units, solos, warjacks, a battle engine and a colossal coming out right away. No cavalry.

Omega 7: Stand-alone or expansion?
Stand alone game.

Q. High Command, number of players?
A. Made for 2-4 players.

Q. Plans for Rhulic battle engine or colossal?
A. Yes...

Q. How many people qualify for the Iron Gauntlet?
A. There will be a top 16. Invitations are a point-based system, depending on your region. More qualifiers in a region mean higher points necessary to get an invitation.

Q. High Command: Retribution?
A. Not right away, but will come out eventually, along with Mercenaries and other such factions. Warmachine and Hordes will not come out the same time, but only separated by about a month.

Q. What are the plans for the other Warmachine factions?
A. Convergence will be at Lock & Load. A new Warmachine Anthology book is coming out soon. Including long-awaited Rhulic colossal.

Q. How is Convergence going to be released?
A. They're going to get their own forces book, battlegroup box set and pretty standard after that. Much like Retribution released.

Q. Since Warmachine is getting a new faction, will Hordes get one soon?
A. Not any time this year, but there is one in the works.

Q. Convergence: How many warcasters in Forces book?
A. 5.

Q. Will Convergence be compatible with Mercenaries?
A. Not currently.

And that wraps up the stream. We'll be bringing you more as we get information about it.