News from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have sent along information about new greens, painted samples of their figures and have secured the rights to several Dragonblood Miniatures sculpts.

From their announcement:

1. Dark Sword Miniatures has acquired the rights to three DragonBlood Miniatures Sculpts by Jeff Grace. The Hunter (mounted Draconid Warrior on large T-Rex type Dinosaur) is the first amazing sculpt. Next up we have a Draconid Warrior on foot. And finally, there is a large unreleased Triceratops that will have a female Amazon on it once we finish it off. The first two pieces are already available in our Online Store.

Eric Louchard (the Founder of DragonBlood Miniatures) had this to say:

“Dark Sword Miniatures has been a producer of top quality miniatures for many years now and I am pleased that they will be continuing to produce two of the most popular figures from Dragonblood Miniatures after its closure, the “The Hunter” and the “Red Draconid Lord”. These models were sculpted by Jeff Grace and fit in perfectly with the existing Dark Sword line and would also make a great addition to a Dragonblood collection. I must thank Jim at Dark Sword for his continued patronage of the miniatures art form and for keeping these two models alive.”

2. I have posted up a number of new Jen Haley and Marike Reimer painted studio models on the site. You can check those out as I believe all of them are on the Home Page and in our Sneak Peeks Section. Matt Verzani has a good deal of new painted studio models to show off as well. So those pictures will be coming later this week.

3. We have two new Tom Meier greens posted on the site.

First up we have our 2010 Special Edition Miniature – SteamPunk Jen Haley to immortalize Miss Jen Haley in pewter alongside my wife Melissa, my two miniature-schnauzers and of course Marike Reimer. This is an amazing sculpt from Mr. Tom Meier and I will be using the proceeds from selling this miniature to help defray some of the travel costs for Jen in 2011 when she travels abroad for a huge international painting competition.

Next up we have Daenerys V2 for the George R.R. Martin Masterworks range. We sculpted her up in more traditional garb and of course with hair this time around. This will be a fun piece to paint up.

4. Dark Sword Miniatures is now stocking Game Forces Magazine in our Online Store. This is a great miniature painting magazine that originated in Spain. Issue # 16 is the first full English version that Dark Sword is stocking. Check it out as there are tons of amazing painted miniature pictures and step by step how to articles. Great stuff indeed…

5. A reminder that Dark Sword also stocks the must-have Hot Lead – 3 DVD painting set. This is a fully loaded DVD set with almost 9 hours of tutorials. Let’s see, how much would you spend to get 9 hours of painting instruction from a top painter?

6. And finally, I am happy to report that our Online Store has been totally revamped and broken up into pages for each line with smaller images so the page loads much faster. They are also more organized and easier to navigate. It is a vastly improved user experience.