Newest Goalsystem game seeks Kickstarter funding

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 2nd, 2011

Four Color Figures is using Kickstarter to fund their next game.

The Department

From their announcement:

The Department is a tabletop miniature game set in a near future America where Fabricated Human Simulants, also known as fabricants, walk among us. Players take on the role of agents from the U.S. Department of Fabricant Management, a government department charged with policing fabricants and fighting the increasing instances of fabricant-related terrorism. The Department is meant to be the first tabletop police procedural game that requires no Game Master to play.

Powered by Goalsystem, the game draws heavily on the noir and police procedural dramas and blends in elements of robotic sci-fi.

The Department will be an approximately 150 page full color soft cover A4 sized book chock full of art, fiction, and a complete ruleset ready to play straight away.

We’re raising Kickstarter funding to cover our creative costs and an initial print run. We will also be producing a full color PDF as well as a kindle, ebook, and a printer-friendly Pdf version.

  • So…. Bladerunner?

    • grimbergen

      Yes…the author mentions that, along with Law and Order and Mad Men (?).

      The concept sounds interesting… if they present more examples of play I’d be game to invest.