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New Zombie Survivors and Townfolk from Frontline Games

Frontline Games (not to be confused with Frontline Gamer, though alphabetically they're right next to each other) has new Zombie Survivors and Townsfolk for their Zombie Daze and Alien Attack games.

From the update:

More victims (ahem) I mean “characters” for your Alien Attack or Zombie Daze games. Check ‘em out at!

SURVIVORS 1 - T.J. (The Teen Guitarist), The Believer, and The Law! – Zombie Daze Expansion
Yet more Survivors trying to live in an undead world! Intended for play with the Frontline Command Skirmish “Zombie Daze” tabletop game.

TOWNFOLK - Expansion for Alien Attack OR Zombie Daze
Get the civilians! No alien invasion (or zombie apocalypse for that matter) is complete without some ordinary townfolk to gobble up or rescue. These versatile characters come with rules for use in the game of ALIEN ATTACK or ZOMBIE DAZE or BOTH!