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New Z-Man Games Monthly Promo: Marco Polo Mini-Expansion

*jumps in the pool and closes eyes* Marco!
... Marco!
... Marco!
Aww, doesn't anyone else want to play? You're all off playing The Voyages of Marco Polo from Z-Man games? I guess that's fair. Well, you might want to know, then, about the sale that Z-Man is having on a mini-expansion for the game.


The set comes with 1 City Bonus Marker, 1 Fatre Nicolao token, 4 new character tiles, 4 different contracts, and 15 gift tokens. And for the month of June you can get it for 50% off the regular cost. How do you do that? Sign up for the Newsletter. Pretty simple. Already a subscriber? Your coupon code should be waiting for you in your inbox.