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New X-Wing and Mansions of Madness Releases Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Sort of two ends of the spectrum for this batch of releases from Fantasy Flight Games. On one side, you've got starships flying around in a galaxy far, far away. On the other, you've got investigators searching through an old house. Well, both involve "hokey religions" anyway. There's new releases for both the X-Wing Miniatures Game as well as Mansions of Madness available from Fantasy Flight Games.

For X-Wing, you've got the 9th wave of ships. That include the ARC-170, Special Forces TIE, Protectorate Starfighter, and the Shadow Caster. Meanwhile, for Mansions of Madness, they've got a new pair of figure and tile packs with which you can expand your 2nd Edition gaming experience.

All of these are available at your local gaming shop, as well as the Fantasy Flight online store.