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New WWII Weapon Packs available from Old Glory 25s

Old Glory 25s has a bunch of new weapon packs available over on their website.

From the release:

New 15mm WWII Weapons Packs Ready to Go!

We now have 9 new codes that we have added in with the Command Decision 15mm WWII range of figures. Ready to go are weapons packs that will add that extra fire power you are looking for when fighting your battles.

The Weapons Packs come with 4 guns each for $17.00
CDMW-01 Russian 107mm Rd Truck Mount
CDMW-01A Russian 107mm Rd Ground Mount
CDMW-02 Grad. BM21 Truck Mount for CDMV 1
CDMW-03 14.5mm ZPU 1 Truck Mount
CDMW-03A 14.5mm ZPU 1 Ground Mount
CDMW-04 Type 81 MRL Truck Mount
CDMW-04A Type 81 MRL Ground Mount
CDMW-05 UB-32 Rocket Pad Truck Mount
CDMW-06 US M40A1 106mm Rd. Ground Mount