New WWII templates from LITKO

LITKO have released a new set of WWII templates.

1/2 Scale Round Smoke Template
1/2 Scale Round Smoke Template

From their announcement:

LITKO releases eight new 2/3 and 1/2 scale template products that allow you to utilize your GHQ Micro-armor™ collection to play the Flames of War® rules from Battlefront Miniatures, Ltd.

We offer templates in both scales to accommodate air support, artillery, barrage and smoke placement. Now you have more options. Visit for ordering information, and Upgrade Your Game!

LITKO is proudly affiliated with GHQ, and they endorse these templates.

Flames of War® is a registered trademark of Battlefront Miniatures Ltd of New Zealand. LITKO is not affiliated with Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. and these products are not endorsed by them