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New WWII Miniatures available from CP Models Miniatures

CP Models Miniatures adds to their WWII line with their latest releases.


From the release:

Latest additions to our WWII ranges

1942-43 Kharkov Waffen SS Grenadiers
TQD-GS48 Kharkov Waffen SS prone MG42 team
3 figures & MG42

TQD-GS49 Kharkov Waffen SS Grenadiers advancing inc radio
5 figures

TQD-GS50 Kharkov Waffen SS MG42 team advancing
3 figures

Soviet Infanty in telogreika quilted jackets & quilted trousers
TQD-RI14 Soviet close combat infantry inc NCO
3 figures

TQD-RI15 Soviet close combat infantry fixed bayonets
4 figures (2 of each pose)