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New WWII Factory Terrain Pieces from Warlord Games/Sarissa Precision

Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision help you make your gaming table look like an actual European town during WWII with some new factory terrain pieces. They've got their large factory, the office/warehouse, and the power room. Go check 'em out and see if you'd like to have your little mans fighting around those pieces.

From the website:

We are very pleased to be able to offer you the latest releases from our friends over at Sarissa Precision – three different factories from their Industrial Range!

These buildings are made from laser-etched MDF and can be glued together using PVA glue. Once built they can be painted in the same way as the rest of your models by spray undercoating first and then painted using acrylics and ink washes.

All three of these would make ideal terrain for refighting hard fought battles through industrialised areas on the Eastern front and provide an excellent backdrop for the scenarios in the Ostfront book. They are equally useful for battles t across Europe, so whether your Allied army is storming the port city of Bremen or you’re leading your Panzers through a French industrial zone these new scenery pieces are a welcome addition to your terrain collection!