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New WWII battlefield accessory sprues available from Baueda

Baueda gives your WWII tables some more variety with the release of their wooden crate and oil barrel accessory sprues.

From the release:

Now available in our ever growing range of supplies:

Code LS8 - 28mm WWII wooden boxes (12 pcs.) Accurate scale reproduction of WWII wooden boxes of various size and shape, include 3 each of 4 different types.

Code LS9 - 28mm 200 l steel drums (12 drums, 3 jerrycans and 3 buckets) WWII German 200 l oil drums.

Inexpensive and ready to use, these highly detailed models are perfect as truck loads, stowage, to add detail to your scene or create your own battlefield objectives and a thousand of other uses!

In development also ammo boxes (one size per pack) and damaged oil drums, watch this space!