New Wrath of Kings Releases Posted

By Polar_Bear
Apr 16th, 2016

A couple weeks ago at Adepticon, I posted up some photos of the display case for Wrath of Kings. A lot of people were “Oooh!”ing and “Aaah!”ing at them. Well, the first releases of figures from those photos are now available.

Tekness is getting themselves the Warstompers and Warsmith boxes. Nasier comes in with the Pelgarth Brutes as well as the Arkazan Greatwing Boxes. Finally, Goritsi is getting the Character Box 3, which contains a Kozakar the Packmaster and Gorbal the Rampager.


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  • Ian Hunter

    When is the release date?

    • Matt

      Supposedly today. Haven’t seen them available at my LGS or on online retailers but hoping they will show up soon.

  • mathieu

    I so wish there were resin versions of these Goritsi pieces!

  • David Smith

    Well, they are not available as they are not even on the CMON shop yet.

  • BDUB

    Argh! Those Warsmiths are so disappointing. Do they not have an art director giving feedback? Stylistically they don’t even look like they should be on a WoK table. The others seem fine, though the War Stompers are a stretch.

    • Matt

      I didn’t care for the art for the Warsmiths but personally I find the miniatures themselves to fit in with the Linemen and in general with the Teknes artistic theme. Well the theme that isn’t murder babies and gnomes.

      • BDUB

        Perhaps, but I think the Warsmith art was closer to the original artistic style in general, and I beleive the Linemen, while deviating away from their own concept art somewhat, are still more stylized and much closer to the design aesthetic than are the warsmiths – they might as well be sitting in a Cygnar battlegroup (though some of that is the paint job) And, whats wrong with murder babies and Gnomes.

        • Matt

          Nothing wrong with gnomes and murder babies, just that they have a different aesthetic compared to the humans and pigs. The humans are well human, though with certain WoK quirks and the pigs wear similar, though even more kind of boring, tried and true in their clothing. Murder babies and gnomes go for a more comical grotesqueness which is only kind of shared with the pig leaders. The babies wearing briefs and capes, capturing their child like absurdity. Their rank 1 leaders look like they modified their underwear into masks. The gnomes go for modes of transportation like babies, needing someone/thing else to carry them.

          For me, that two of these people types move on their own and the other two don’t as well the choice in general regarding clothing/armor splits the force in an aesthetic design sense.

          • BDUB

            Well they are basically magical mutants, but my concern is not weather they are similar to themselves (they aren’t supposed to be) but rather do they match the style established by the concept art – which many of the newer units do not (some worse than others.