New Wrath of Kings releases available from CoolMiniOrNot

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 20th, 2012

Wrath of Kings will be making its way to you soon enough (but that’s not soon enough!). In the meantime, CoolMiniOrNot has some more resin versions of some of the models available in their webstore.

From the release:

We just got the next batch of preview resin miniatures for the up coming Wrath of Kings miniature game. Vampires, Demons, Abominations and Werewolves. How are you going to sleep tonight?

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  • Nicolay

    Hey cool, we do not need to wait for Confrontation: Phoenix, we get the female Wolfen much, much sooner. We can sleep easier now 😉

  • jedijon

    Currently lacking the consistency of Rackham – the character’s here are very excellent. The blood dancers are just OK. One of the reasons to get a range is because you can proudly field all the tactical options…not so when some of those (particularly the basic troopers) aren’t up to par with the rest.

  • Sisyphus

    The Wolfen character reminds me of something a Devourer who would wear clothing and armor but also be hairless. But this one has hair. So something in between. A pariah perhaps?

    • odinsgrandson

      Well, she certainly puts the nail in the coffin on this one- they’re definitely going for a Confrontation vibe here.

      I’m not fond of the Blood Child, but I think that’s the paint job (the composition seems a little off).

      But at this moment, I feel like I’m holding this miniatures line to a pretty high standard, and that’s certainly a victory.

  • kelmor

    Same sculptor 🙂 I like the proportions on the Wrath of Kings wolves better personally