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New World Disorder Expanded Edition Now Available from Precis Intermedia

Precis Intermedia adds New World Disorder Expanded Edition to their lineup.

From the announcement:

Precis Intermedia has released an expanded edition of New World Disorder, the easy-to-learn, miniatures-based tabletop game that takes place in a very near and very dystopian future, which compiles the core rules, CyberZone and Zombie Apocalypse! add-ons, and new content into a single rulebook, for a savings of 20% on the PDF -- and pay only $5 to also get a printed softcover. (If you already own the three New World Disorder books, you qualify for a free upgrade to the Expanded Edition -- simply contact Precis Intermedia.)

Pit gangs of urban warriors against each other, as corporate mercenaries, mob-hitmen, cannibals, and who-knows-what-else fight for survival on the streets of this world gone wrong. Then enter the CyberZone, a prison for the hordes of illegally-mechanized citizens that once plagued the outside world -- take advantage of the power that their cybernetics provide. Finally, worry about a threat worse than simple death when flesh-eating zombies and characters rise to attack their own. While easy to learn, the rules are also comprehensive and flexible, providing hours of entertainment. The included scenarios help get you started, but are easily supplemented with your own ideas.