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New "Wired West" series of buildings announced from GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft Miniatures will be coming out with new Wired West set of buildings to help enhance your table.

From the announcement:

This week GameCraft Miniatures announced that they are working with Krazy Ivan's War Games Emporium to bring you this exciting new line of products. The buildings in this series are designed by Krazy Ivan's and GameCraft is handling the manufacturing and distribution of the products.

This series of structures is a collection of sci-fi/wild west buildings inspired by TV shows like Firefly.

According to the designer, "The Wired West series takes old west architectural features like boardwalks, bill boards, and row buildings and throws them in a blender with what most people would consider ‘traditional’ sci-fi colony style buildings (converted containers, pre-fab structures, etc)."

All buildings in the series are beautifully designed in 3D CAD software to insure perfect fit and easy assembly. They feature removable roofs and removable upper floors so you have access to the entire interior of the structures.