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New Winter Germans Available for Bolt Action

Winter is coming.
No, really. It's about a month and a half away (for us Northern Hemisphere people, anyway).
Bolt Action is the one game I know that they have troops that are basically the same, but sculpted to show them at different points in time during the year. In general, that seems to be a thing exclusive to historical games. I've never seen, "Winterguard in Summer Gear" for Warmachine, for example. But I'm getting off-topic. Warlord Games has some new winter Germans for Bolt Action available in their webshop.

They've got some different weapons crews, from the small hand-held arms like a bazooka, to a bit heavier mortar and light artillery, all the way up to the 10.5cm medium artillery. There's also a Panzer crew (obviously having a bad day, not being in their panzer anymore and now out on foot). They're available individually or also in a big, 1000 point reinforced platoon.