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New Winter German Heer Forward Observer Team Available For Bolt Action

The temperature continues to drop. I know a lot of people north of me have already gotten out the cold weather gear. It's even snowed in some places. Well, that snow-gear look can make its way to your Bolt Action tabletops as you equip your troops with coats, hats, gloves, and thicker boots. Now, your German artillery spotters can keep nice and warm while calling in coordinates, as there's a Heer Forward Observer Team now available in winter kit.


Artillery pieces are generally very far from the front lines (well, hopefully they are, anyway, if you want to keep your artillery), and in the days before satellite imaging and drones, the only way to really direct where the shots were to go was to send someone out there and direct it by eye. In Bolt Action, having an observer team can, once per game, call in an artillery or smoke strike to devastate enemy emplacements.

You can get your Observer unit in the Warlord Games' webshop now.