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New White Scout Car for Bolt Action from Warlord Games

Warlord Games gets your scouts out there in style. No crawling through underbrush or climbing up trees or walking for miles and miles, they've got the new White Scout Car available over in their webshop.


From the release:

The latest addition to our massive range of resin vehicles for Bolt Action is this US Army M3 White Scout Car.

Produced by the White Motor Company, the M3 White Scout Car was first produced in 1937 – the original order was for just 37 units, however by the end of the war, nearly 21,000 had been put into service for the Armies of the United States!

Built on a commercial truck chassis, the M3 was able to withstand the extra weight of light armour being added – enough to deflect small arms fire.

With a 4-speed gearbox, 30 gallon (US) capacity fuel tank, and leaf spring suspension – the robust, hard working White Scout Car could carry up to seven infantry, and give not inconsiderable fire support – mounting two 30 cal machine guns and a 50 cal heavy machine gun!

The M3 quickly became the main scouting vehicle for US forces during the war and opened it’s account in action in the Philllipines and in North Africa. Many M3s were supplied to the British and Soviet armies under the lend-lease agreement as well as supply made to the forces of the Free French and the Chinese Nationalist Army (yes, we have several more variants of this vehicle coming through!).

By the latter years of the war the M3 was being replaced in the front line by the M8 and M20 armoured cars. Many M3s were still seeing active service until the wars end. Never one to eschew self-promotion, US General Patton had a hooter and loud speaker attached to his!

The M3 was a simple, sturdy and reliable design - this is born testament to the fact that it served well beyond the war’s end and was even found in service in the 1990s with the Dominican Republic’s armed forces!

This new resin model comes with 4 US Army crew/passengers and a variety of stowage.

Rules for the M3 White Scout Car can be found in the ‘Armies of the United States‘ Bolt Action expansion book – so head over to the Warlord Website, grab a copy, and prepare for battle!