New western releases from Knuckleduster

Knuckleduster have released two new sets of 28mm western miniatures.

?From their website:

I’ve got two new 28mm releases to kick off March. The first is a set of gunmen of various sorts. Some are thieves, some are hard cases, and some are simply misunderstood (awww).

The second set are US Marshals, meant to represent the officers sent into the Indian Territory (Oklahoma) by Judge Isaac Parker to hunt down outlaws. This was probably the most violent “theater” of the Old West. This force included Bass Reeves, the African-American officer at the left end of the photo (he made over 3000 arrests and spoke several Indian languages), and also included Indian scouts as well as American Indian officers who worked for their tribal police.

These two sets include only one re-sculpt, Heck Thomas. All others are totally new.

I will continue to fill out and improve the 28mm line until Little Wars in April, after which time I will sculpt some more 40mm sets. I have some other historical lines in the works as well, but more about that another time.