New Web of Spiderman previews posted

WizKids have posted a series of new previews from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix Web of Spiderman set

From their website:

In my post last week, I showed off two new figs from Web, Cardiac and Carnage.  Given the fantastic reaction that I received on FaceBook and through email, I think we chose two good figs to start off the previews.  How do you top those two figures?  Well, today, I’m going to show you FOUR figures.

Why show you four figures?  Today’s preview article (and I hope the others that I write as well) is intended to give you a look through our eyes as we create a HeroClix set from the ground up.  Last week, I illustrated how a set’s theme is selected, and the “blue sky” thought-process that goes into initial set design.  Once we arrive at a theme, a new set of challenges and opportunities await the design team.  We know what theme we want to explore, but we need to make the setlist sing.