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New Weapons, Torsos and Riot Shields from Victoria Miniatures

Victoria Miniatures has released new weapons, torsos, and riot shields over on their website.


From the announcement:

Hi, Following hot on the heels of last week's Heavy Artillery release I'm very happy to present a great new wave of Victoria Miniatures hand weapons sculpted by Jake Schneider. This includes a terrific new digital version of our Fusion Gun, plus a Bolt pistol, Chain Swords, Sabres and Laser Gun Mk3. This is a pistol grip adaption of Laser Rifle Mk1. There is a set of gun sights that can be added to these weapons, As well as a very nice guard sized Riot Shield.
Empty rifle arms are on the way in a near future release that will fit all these cool new rifles.

Also this week are two new additions I've sculpted for the Torso Range. The Highland Guard now have a special Highland Torso sprue and the Border World Rangers have new Ranger Torsos which have cloaks attached.