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New Way of the Fighter Pack Available From Ninja Division

Any good fighting game is going to have a large variety of fighters to choose from. You don't want to end up facing off with just the same 3-4 time and time again. That gets old. Well, Way of the Fighter is adding to its select screen of fighters with a new pack, bringing two new contenders to the arena. You can get your copy now.

From the announcement:

Khublai Vs. Wattana is Mongolian Wrestling brutality against bone-crushing Muay Thai action! The latest Fighter Pack expansion for Way of The Fighter, bringing classic arcade-style fighting to the tabletop. This fighter pack includes a complete set of actions for Khublai and Wattana, along with their fighter standees. In addition to the two new fighters, this pack includes two complete sets of actions for the BrutalTechnique belonging to the Hard Style and the Lock Technique belonging to the Wrestle Style.