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New Wave 9 preview for Star Trek Attack Wing

Star posted another Wave 9 Attack Wing preview. This time it's the Scimitar and her crew and upgrades.


From the post:

Welcome to the second of's exclusive First Looks at NECA/WizKids Games' tactical space combat miniatures game Star Trek: Attack Wing. Today, we are checking out at the contents of the Reman Warbird Scimitar Expansion Pack, which will be available in November as part of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 9 release. Players will appreciate the firepower of the ship as well as its ability to remain cloaked after attacking. With Shinzon in the captain’s chair, players can have several options on hand when it comes to their Elite Talent choices and can choose the one best fitting the combat situation. The Viceroy will also serve players well with his ability to know where a ship will be moving during the Activation phase. Hiren can be used as a Captain or as the fleet’s Admiral to increase attack potential.