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New Waterloo terrain From Warlord Games

Warlord Games added several new terrain pieces to their laser-cut terrain line.


From the website:

New in from the team that created our La Haye Sainte and Pegasus Bridge terrain pieces, we have a whole range of incredible laser-cut wooden sets. These kits represent the iconic buildings that formed pivotal strongpoints at the Battle of Waterloo – the chateau of Hougomont, Papelotte farm, La Belle Alliance inn and Plancenoit church as well as La Haye Sainte farmhouse (without all the miniatures included in our battle set of the same name), plus a windmill and a watermill.

While these kits are designed for the Napoleonic wars, they look at home on any European battlefield from the Pike and Shotte era through to World War II, especially as the larger sets are modular – Hougomont for example provides enough separate buildings to make a great game of Bolt Action!