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New Warpath Army Deals Available From Mantic

Getting into a new game, or even just a new force within a game you already play, can be a bit of a chore. Trying to figure out what all you need isn't always the easiest to figure out. That's where ready-to-play (once assembled, anyway) army forces can really help out. In the case of Mantic's Warpath, there's a bunch of new army deals available over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Out this week and invading a planet close to yours, the Warpath Mega Forces are now fully deployed! We're really excited about these as not only are they great deals - full of enough infantry, veterans, and armour to take on any foe - but they also have the first retail wave of our Hard Plastic Vehicles.

The Enforcer Mega Force includes a versatile vehicle kit which can either be assembled as an Accuser Interceptor, with Heavy Burst Laser and a troop compartment, or a Persecutor Bomber. The Interceptor can be used to increase the Enforcers already considerable speed, redeploying units swiftly, whilst suppressing the enemy with strafing runs.

The Persecutor Bomber, on the other hand, is the last word in overwhelming firepower. Capable of destroying anything from dug-in infantry to armoured vehicles, your opponents will learn to fear this deadly aircraft.