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New Warpath and Walking Dead Releases Available From Mantic

You might think to yourself, "man, all these zombies around here. I should just blast myself into space. It's probably safer there." But that might not actually be the case. There's war among the stars, too. So you might as well pick your poison. Take on some new releases for The Walking Dead: All Out War, or possibly die on a planet far from Earth in Warpath. Both are available now over on Mantic's website.

From the release:

This week we have a massive raft of new releases, from the far future of Warpath to the gritty present of The Walking Dead: All Out War. Here are some of the highlights!

Both the Forge Fathers and Enforcers receive reinforcements this month with new units and weapons being brought into the fold, including the Enforcer Heavy Support Team and the Forge Father Weapons Platform Formation.

The most exciting things though are the new Reserve Forces and Mega Forces. Each of these comes with a load of specialist troopers and units to bolster any existing force or even start a new one. On top of that, each comes with one of the brand new Hard Plastic vehicles - either an Enforcer Flyer or a Forge Father Tank - long before they will be widely available!

Following on from the launch bundles, we've started to release the single boosters for The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave Two.

These include the Miles Behind Us narrative expansion and the Negan, Tyreese and Glenn Boosters (yes, Glenn is finally here!). You can pre-order these from the webstore, or from any of our stockists.

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