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New Warmachine and Hordes Releases Available From Privateer Press

There's a new batch of releases available from Privateer Press, both in their webshop as well as at your local gaming store. Looking it over, we've got a new cavalry box, a new unit attachment to one of the first units for the game, as well as some alternate-pose warcasters that I don't think you could get individually before.

Though, starting out, Privateer is selling art prints of the covers from the Commanders books for Cygnar, Menoth, and Trollkin. It's some really cool art, and now you can put it up on your wall. The cavalry unit comes in the form of the Druid Mist Riders. Meanwhile, on the Warmachine side of things, there's the new Man-Of-War Shocktrooper unit attachment. There's also Stryker and Deneghra alternate-pose figures you can pick up. Finally, No Quarter 68 has hit store shelves.