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New Warmachine and Hordes Previews Posted

While I eventually switched over to Cygnar, my main force for the longest time in Warmachine was Khador. I remember when the Kodiak originally came out. It was all in pewter (as all figures from PP were at the time), but I worked on converting it, anyway, cutting off some of the extra metal around the hands, opening them up, sculpting on claws, and cutting the legs so it looked like it was running full-tilt forward. Well, I eventually sold off that army, but if I were to build it back up again, I'd have a lot easier time converting that figure with the new Kodiak plastic kit that's coming out next year.

Like other plastic kits, there's more than one way to build the kit in the box. You can also make the Grolar version of the figure, which trades in the double-open-fists for a hammer and autocannon. For the Hordes side of things, there's the Dhunian Knot. No, it's not an actual bunch of rope all tied together, but a group of shamans that work together to amplify their magical abilities.