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New Warlands and Rezolution releases

Aberrant have released new figures for their Warlands and Rezolution games. Warlands Bikers From their announcement:
Aberrant are pleased to announce Warlands Bikers and Gyrocopter are now available in our webstore. ABGWL003 Warlands Bikers (2) $9.00 Get ready to roar across the warlands with these bikers. Contains: 2 x Warlands Bikes 1 x Male Driver 1 x Female Driver 1 x Female pillion passenger. ABGWL016 Warlands Gyrocopter $12.00 Soar above the warlands in this amazing gyrocopter, dropping molotov cocktails on your enemies from above. Contains: 1 x Warlands Gyrocopter - a multi part metal model with flying base.
Aberrant are pleased to announce Rezolution HPT (2) and Dravani Classic Executor Vassal ABG0004 Rezolution HPT (2) $11.00 For grid access in the world of a Dark Tomorrow a HPT is a requirement, let your Ghosts and hackers use these HPT models to hack into your opponents robots or download that corporate data to win the assignment. Contains: 2 x Hard Point Terminals (cast in the same metal as our other Rezolution models). ABGDV0004 Dravani Classic Executor Vassal $3.00 The Dravani Classic Executor Vassal has been unavailable for a number of years and we are pleased to make it available once again. Contains: 1 x Dravani Classic Executor Vassal plus Data Card. Also available for the first time as a single model the final 3 Ronin figures from the Ronin Starter box - the Brick, Shootist and Fist.