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New Warhammer Forge Skaven releases

Forge World have adde two new Skaven figures to their Warhammer Forge range of fantasy figures. Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord From their announcement:
With auspicious timing, this week’s Warhammer Forge newsletter is heralded by the chittering of vermin and the scratching of needle-sharp claws as we unleash two new monsters upon the unsuspecting Old World: the Skaven Brood Horror and Exalted Vermin Lord. We attempted to send this newsletter yesterday, August 12th, but a strange horned shadow in the depths of the internet prevented us from doing so until today... Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord Few creatures in the Warhammer world are as horrific and unnatural as the so-called Vermin Lords. These incarnate icons of the Horned Rat are worshipped and feared in equal measure by the Skaven, for they are wiser and more wicked than any living Grey Seer. The Grey Lords themselves only summon these horrors at times of direst need, for they are loath to raise up what they cannot easily dismiss. Epitomising the lithe, twitching paranoia of their smaller rat-kin in a way no natural creature should, the Exalted Vermin Lord is a cyclopean fiend of unnatural size and power. Crouched atop a ruined pillar etched with the scratch-script of the Underfolk, with chunks of warpstone and the runes of its summoning embedded into its loathsome, squamous hide, the Exalted Vermin Lord clutches an immense, gnarled Doom Glaive in one palsied claw.
Designed by Mark Bedford, this model is an amazingly detailed centrepiece for any Skaven army, and is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 30th August. Using these experimental rules (a more printer friendly version can be found here), the warriors of the Under-Empire may be led into battle by this most potent incarnation of their foul god. As a Storm of Magic Binding Scroll, any Warhammer army may enter into a pact with this horror from beyond. Skaven Brood Horror When the beastmasters of Clan Moulder spawn a pack of Giant Pox Rats, there is occasionally one among them who will brutally devour the rest of the brood, growing fat and bloated in both strength and savagery, the twisted forms of its kin still visible as they writhe and claw at their fleshy prison. The so-called Skaven Brood Horrors are traded with the wealthier Skaven Clans for many thousands of slaves and warp-tokens for use as a war-mount by especially powerful or ostentatious Skaven warlords, or goaded into battle to flail and crush the foe beneath its clawed limbs. The Skaven Brood Horror, designed by Trish Carden and Steve Whitehead, is a colossal, finely detailed, resin monster that is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 30th August. Its experimental rules (a more printer friendly version can be found here) can also be downloaded now, and included within them is a Storm of Magic Binding Scroll, allowing any Warhammer army to field a Skaven Brood Horror in a Storm of Magic game.