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New Warhammer Forge pre-orders

Warhammer Forge has two new Nurgle Warhammer Fantasy figures available for pre-order. Both figures will be available on February 28th. Kazyk the Befouled on Rotbeast From their announcement:
Kazyk the Befouled on Rotbeast Lieutenant to the mighty Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord himself, the fell champion Kazyk, known as the Befouled, is little more than a rotting sack of putrescence held together by the will to destroy. Such are the rotting blessings gifted to him that he must be all but hacked apart before his malefic spirit will cease to be. Kazyk the Befouled on Rotbeast, sculpted by Mark Bedford, makes a perfect Champion of Nurgle on Daemonic Steed for any Warriors of Chaos army. This full resin character boasts a repulsive array of mutations and plague-gifts and makes a great army centrepiece for your Nurgle horde. Full rules and background for this character will be found in our forthcoming book./em>
Nurgle Plague Riders Set The foetid mere that serves the Plague Father as a realm has spawned all manner of daemonic beasts, and the lesser of these such as Plague Toads, are often corralled and herded into battle as mounts by Nurgle’s Plaguebearers, who go lolloping into battle atop these verminous horrors to taint and slaughter mortals, in a tide of nightmarish horrors. The Plague Riders Set, sculpted by Mark Bedford, contains three detailed resin Plaguebearers that can be used in conjunction with the recently-released Plague Toads Set to create a deadly unit of Daemonic cavalry, the fell Pox Leapers, (which will be fully detailed in the forthcoming Throne of Chaos book), or used to create your own daemonic or Nurgle-tainted cavalry models and conversions.