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New Warhammer 40k Tank Lighting Kits with Fibre Optics

JS Miniatures has some new lighting kits for Rhinos (or any tank or vehicle, really) that they're showing off over on their website.


From the announcement:

A brand new product to compliment our existing range of Warhammer lighting kits, this is a LED and fibre optic lighting kit for 40k tanks such as the Rhino.

LEDs are provided for headlights and interior lighting with the fibre optics suitable for a range of uses from lighting the computer control panel to lights in a gun or soldier.

Kit includes:
4 x 3mm LEDs
LED with 9x Fibre Optic strands (8x 0.75mm & 1 x 1.5mm dia)
coin cell battery holder with on/off switch
Full instructions provided

Choice of LED colours for LEDs and fibre optics.

May be suitable for other Warhammer or vehicle models.