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New Wargames Illustrated content available

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with several new articles. The Making of Viking Dawn - Part Two In the summer of 2010 the Maine Historical Wargamer's Association decided that they would run a large Dark Age-era miniatures game for our upcoming convention. This decision came on the heels of the tremendous success we had with our Battle of Sabis game last year that featured over 3,000 28mm figures. Without realizing what I was getting into, I volunteered to help design the rules and the scenario for this extravaganza. More Dynamic Basing Photos In WI280 we published a great article from Pete Brown regarding his thoughts on how we base miniatures and the possibilities that are available to us. The WI team thought there was something to Pete’s ideas and added their own thoughts to the mix. Here are some more great photos of Matt Parkes’ Napoleonic French regiment, used as the example in the article. Besieged by the Mahdi As might be surmised from the title, Richard Brook presents a siege scenario that sees the Mahdi attacking a British-held fort. First printed in WI7. Save Gordon! Can the relief column reach Gordon before his goose is cooked? Take a look at this matrix game for six players and an umpire. First printed in WI77. Solo Colonial II While not entirely about the Sudan, these three solo scenarios, from Mark Elwen, are set in the Colonial period. First printed in WI87. Reviews - February 2011 This month we review the 28mm Medieval Europe range by Curteys Miniatures, the 28mm British South Africa Company Riflemen by North Star Military Figures, 1/72nd scale Late War German Infantry 1943-45 by The Plastic Soldier Company and the 20mm Double Slit Soviet Bunker for 2MG “Stalin Line” and 28mm German Emplacement for 75mm PaK Shelter by Steel Models. Fall In! 2010 Both Dave and Dan (our US and UK editors) were at the Fall In! show in Lancaster, PA, last October. They understandably walked away with a ton of photos that couldn’t fit into the magazine coverage.