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New Wargames Illustrated articles posted

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new articles. Re-fighting the Battle for the Nijmegen Bridges Michael Bowen-Lowe provides us with a scenario for re-fighting one of the most famous battles from the final years of World War Two. Article originally published in WI167. Hunt for the Lonely Queen Naval wargaming stalwart David Manley presents a set of simple campaign rules for naval wargaming without the need for an umpire. The campaign is set in November 1941. Article originally published in WI167. The Red Verdun Richard Clarke takes a look at the Russian Civil War and, in particular, the Battle of Tsaritsyn. Article originally published in WI167. Reviews: August 2011 This month's reviews include; the 1866 war-game Rules by Bruce Weigle (look out for more from Bruce in a future issue of WI!), Two books; Battles with Panzers, Invasion of the Third Reich, and a DVD; Ligny and Quatre Bras. How To Build the Redoubts at Borodino: The Plans In WI286 Barry Hilton presented the way he’d built the “Great” Redoubt and the Fleches for his 28mm Borodino table, seen earlier in WI285’s theme articles. Matt Parkes’ Workbench: August 2011 With most of my projects, the editor Dan bursts through the door with a big box of miniatures, but in this case it was a really small box of Greek and Roman warships, lined up for our Peloponnesian theme to feature in WI289.