New Wargames Illustrated articles available online

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with several new articles.

Wargames Illustrated Issue 276
In stores from 25 September is Wargames Illustrated issue 276; this issue’s theme is The Chariot Wars. It also includes a wide range of other articles that are sure to provide inspiration for any wargamer.

The Northern War – New Zealand, 1845-46
In this month’s article about the Second Maori War we mentioned the previous article by Graham Burke, so we felt it was only right to “reprint” that article here. In case you missed it in WI274, here it is again.

Te Riri Pakeha: The White Man’s Anger
With the second Maori Wars article published recently, we thought it would be a good idea to find some other Maori Wars articles in the archives. Enter Clive Clapson’s piece from 1991, an article with a scenario for assaulting a Maori Pa.

O Cangaceiro
We’ve dug through the archives to bring you this four-part article, originally printed in Wargames Illustrated 37, 38, 39, and 40, by Mike Bell. This combined article provides loads of general historical information on the cangaceiros, the bandits and outlaws of Brazil, and specifically on Lampiao, the Bandit King of Brazil.

St. Jerome by Phone
While digging out our archive article on the Maori Wars, we stumbled across another article about the Franco-Prussian War that we couldn’t leave alone. Not only is it a good read, but it describes how a game was run where the commanders were at home (their HQs) having the action relayed back to them via telephone.

Reflections on Firepower in the Franco-Prussian War
To accompany the great Polishing An Old Gem article in WI276 (by John Desch), we’ve pulled out this nice piece by Peter Dennis from Wargames Illustrated issue 4. That certainly is digging back a long way, but worth a read to compare and contrast Peter’s thoughts on the Chassepot with John’s thoughts.

As typically happens, we can never fit all of the photos from our trips to shows into the magazine articles. Although we have tried very hard to do just that with HISTORICON 2010 (by lining up a lot of great articles to come of the next few months), there are still a few more you can now see here.

Reviews – October 2010
Over the last few months we’ve moved our Reviews to our website, making way for more wargaming articles in the magazine. We were concerned that some folks might not have noticed the change, so in a switcheroo we’ve placed most of our October Reviews in the magazine. Most but not all, enjoy this review too, carrying on our new online Review tradition.