New Wargames Foundry Normans

By tgn_admin
In Medieval
Jan 20th, 2011

Wargames Foundry have released several new 28mm Norman miniatures.

Death of King Harold

From their announcement:

Here are the first of our stunning new Normans, including Norman Knights, Command and Crossbowmen plus the Death of King Harold!

  • Foundry nocht Factory 😉

    • Zac

      “Nicht” not “nocht” 😉

    • evernevermore (John)

      and a quick google search tells me Nocht means all other kinds of interesting things

  • 032125

    $24.50 for four models? Don’t get me wrong, they are good models; they’re just not $24.50 good.

    • $6.13 per figure is not a bad price at all. May not be worth it to you, of course, and I can respect that; howver, $8-$9 per figure is not an uncommon price in the fantasy/sci-fi world nowadays, and I’ve seen some high end figures hit the $15-$20 mark lately.

      • 032125

        Don’t get me wrong, they are very characterful, and yes, a lot of single models run in the $6-$12 range, but these are no Werner Klocke or Scibor sculpts; they lack the subtlety and artistry of most of the tier 1 fantasy sculptors. And, as has been noted, they aren’t historical per se.

        If they were $16 or even $18, more in line with their normal 6 pack blister pricing, I’d be all over them. It’s just hard to see 2 fewer models for and extra pound and get very excited, unless those models are significantly better than the previous offerings.

        I do like Foundry and thin k that they have some amazingly divers and fun to paint ranges, please don’t get me wrong here.

  • maroonldr

    True they aren’t expensive for Fantasy models but these are historical’s! Totally different kettle of fish!

  • Enormous Stilton

    I’m led to believe that by the time of the Battle of Hastings, Saxon Huscarls defending the king were armoured in a way that made them hard to distinguish from the Normans they faced, rather than the erm…’fantasy’ version depicted here.
    Much better than the other recent scuplts though, but far too expensive, especially when compared to the prices the Perry’s (Foundry’s original sculptors) charge for their minis.