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New Warfare Miniatures from League of Augsburg

League of Augsburg is expanding their 17th/18th century Warfare Miniatures lines with some new releases.

From them to you:

Warfare Miniatures is a growing range of models designed for the late 17th/early 18th centuries. Currently the range offers 14 packs of infantry with 70 unique sculpts, 4 packs of artillery, and a handful of command and personalities. The range will be expanding in the coming months to include waves of horse, cuirassiers, and mounted dragoons, plus more infantry variants and new personality models. Warfare Miniatures also offers flags for the Nine Years War featuring more than 90 regiments so far.

The owner of Warfare Miniatures, Barry Hilton of the League of Augsburg, has held this era as the center of his wargaming hobby for thirty years and has set out to make this the most comprehensive range for the period available.