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New Warchests available now from Sally 4th

Sally 4th adds to their Warchest line with new sizes and insert trays.

From the release:

This week sees the launch of 7 exciting new figure storage products as part of the Sally 4th Warchest range.

120mm High Warchest. This product is ideal for 28mm Ancient and Pike & Shot gamers who have Pikemen with long pikes held aloft. The Warchest is 122mm high externally with a huge 120mm clearance inside for the longest sharp pointy stick. The Warchest is compatible with both the standard and clear Perspex lid and all of the Warchest Inserts. It is also available with a magnetic or steel vinyl lining for additional protection of your precious figures when combined with magnetic or steel bases.

120mm High Warchest £9.00
120mm Magnetic Vinyl lined Warchest £10.75
120mm Steel Vinyl lined Warchest £10.75

New Warchest Inserts

These inserts will fit into any Sally 4th Warchest (35mm / 52.5mm / 70mm / 100mm / 120mm high)

Hexagonal Insert - 35 slots for Hex bases 25mm A/F
40mm Square Slot Insert - 20 slots for 40mm square bases - great for figures based on group bases.
50mm Diameter Slot Insert - 15 slots for 50mm diameter bases - great for command stands
US Penny Insert - 70 slots for figures based on US pennies (0.75”)

All inserts are available 2mm or 3mm deep, cost £4.00
Sally 4th kits are produced from laser cut MDF and require simple assembly using PVA wood glue.

All of these new releases have been produced as a result of requests from customers, so if we do not yet make the Warchest product that you need for storing and transporting your models, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Sally 4th has just installed a second production laser to keep up with customer demand so we are normally turning orders around within 2 working days.