New War of the Rings hobby articles posted

Games Workshop have posted two new hobby articles for their War of the Rings game.

Osgiliath Terrain Feature
Designed by Studio mainstay Dave Andrews, the ruins are versatile enough to suit both War of the Ring and the Strategy Battle Game seamlessly, with ledges that support a fully loaded infantry movement tray and archways and windows that your models can shoot and fight through.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at this great terrain set, investigate ways to use it in your games and look at how hobbyists around the Studio have used these highly versatile kits to amazing effect.

Gondor & Arnor: Dol Amroth Focus
The fiefdoms of Gondor are self-governing provinces, lands of Men sworn in fealty to the White City. Of these fiefdoms, most powerful and influential is the land of Dol Amroth, a mighty military power in its own right and foremost amongst the vassals of Gondor. The ruler of Dol Amroth is Prince Imrahil, a lordly man whose strength at arms, charismatic leadership and wise counsel makes him a natural leader in times of strife.