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New Virai Available For Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Virai are the latest threat to make its way into human space in Beyond the Gates of Antares. These mechanical creatures are unlike anything else in the galaxy, and their relentless push forward will challenge the defenses of anyone they come across. New Dronescourge units are available to order now.

To manage the inherent weakness of the Virai drone categories, a number of secondary- and tertiary- instance architectors are required in each force to provide command and control as well as to provide auxiliary services such as field repairs.


The Virai Dronescourge Scavenger squad make use of anything they can scavenge amongst the wrecks and detritus of collapsed cities. Comprised of a common variant of the Constructor drones are Scavenger squads, drones placed under the command of a Tertiary Supervisor Architector and sent out to recover what they can from the landscape around the Hive.