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New Village and Defensive Line expansion tile preview

Collins Epic Wargames have posted a preview of a new tile from their upcoming Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line expansion.

German Bunker - Regelbau 514

From their announcement:
Feature Tiles in the Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion for Spearpoint 1943 add various terrain modifiers and associated effects (summarized on each tile), provide defensive cover and shelter from attacks for units that may occupy them, and are dynamically setup with each game.

Here you see a German Bunker - Regelbau 514 (Tile 9A). There are two similar bunkers in this game and they are used on the Defensive Line side of the map- set in winter 1943 along an Italian Defensive Line such as the Gustav Line. What is unique about this tile? Several things make this bunker a tough nut to crack- 1) It can't be destroyed- only cleared out by Infantry (notice the infinity symbol on the Defense icon); 2) Infantry must enter the bunker from the side or back in order to fight against occupying units within (notice the entry / exit arrows); 3) Typical setup / placement makes this Bunker hard to get around to for entry without having to deal with obstacles such as trenches and tank "V" ditches.

One disadvantage this tile gives its occupants is a very limited line of sight outward from within the bunker. You can easily see the allowable attack path along the green highlighted edge. Note: For an explanation of the highlighting, please check out the preview of Tile 1B in this album.

Another great piece of art by Marc von Martial. Like it? Comments / questions?
Component Production Size: 4" Square, nominal.
Art by Marc von Martial. Design by Byron Johnson Collins. Copyright 2011 Collins Epic Wargames LLC.