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New Viking releases from Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast have released several new Viking figures and accessories. From their announcement:
We have some new Warlord figures to release with SAGA - 2 new Viking Jarls & an Anglo-Danish Lord. These amazing new sculpts are the work of Colin Patten, one of the founding fathers of GB, and have been painted using the new SAGA Warpaints and The Army Painters Starter Warpaints set. Get the Vikings here and the Dane here. New Heroes Of The Viking Age Not strictly SAGA related but also available now are 4 new Heroes Of The Viking Age and while they are not specifically designed for SAGA and the there are no special rules for them (as yet), we think they make excellent Warlords for your Warbands. These figures were sculpted by Duncan Patten and are straight out of the pages of the Icelandic Saga, themselves the inspiration behind SAGA. Get them individually for £3.50 each here or as a Newsletter Offer, all four of them here for £12. New LBMS SAGA Sheets Steve at Little Big Men Studios has also got SAGA fever and has created 4 new Warband Sheets, one for each of the Rulebook factions, with each sheet featuring a new flag design and 8 new shield designs. Amazing value at £5.00 each, available here.