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New Viking Dawn article at Wargames Illustrated web site

The Wargames Illustrated web site has a new article about the MHWA Viking Dawn game. From their announcement:
The next installment of articles about Viking Dawn, the MHWA club invitational game to be run at Huzzah! 2011, is now available online. This month we look at game testing and rules modifications. As noted, Viking Dawn is the club invitational game organized by the Maine Historical Wargamers Association. Clubs from throughout New England have agreed to assemble and paint the Viking forces, which they will bring to Huzzah! Our own clubs from Maine will paint the Saxon forces to defend our villages. All of the miniatures for the game will be provided by the MHWA. Check out the latest installment. Huzzah! 2011 Historical Wargaming for New England May 13-15th, 2011 Portland, Maine